Three Coins by Donn Bennett
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Paperback Copy of Three Coins by Donn Bennett

"In that special night outside of Bethlehem, a young shepherd named Ethan and other shepherds were watching their flocks. A startling event, which begins the transformation of Ethan's life, is the sudden appearance of an angel, who joyfully announces that a savior is born in Bethlehem. All the shepherds, except for Ethan, leave to find this child. Ethan is left to tend the sheep. As he stands his watch, a caravan with three magi approaches. Learning they are being pursued by Herod's soldiers Ethan gladly helps them evade their pursuers. In gratitude for his assistance the magi give him three very large gold coins. The next night, a couple and their newborn baby named Jesus appear. They are also fleeing from Herod's soldiers. They too seek Ethan's aid. As he had with the magi he leads them to safety. Many years pass, but Ethan never forgets those two extraordinary nights. All that time he has kept the coins, believing they are worth much more than their monetary value. His belief is confirmed, when, thirty years later he sees and hears Jesus preach. Although the words of Jesus inspire Ethan, it is without any commitment that he follows this man called the Son of God. He simply believes that Jesus is the only one who can unravel the mystery of the coins. In his efforts to have Jesus reveal their meaning to him he discovers that there are those who plan to kill Jesus. Once more Ethan feels compelled to help and he joins with Peter and John in an attempt to save Jesus' life. Ultimately, God's glory is magnified and Ethan's life is completely transformed. The coins play their part as well-but not as anyone could have ever imagined."

Donn is an an alumni of King University and has generously donated copies of his book for the benefit of the Helen Boyer Bennett Scholarship fund.  All proceeds from the sale of his book will be directly deposited to this fund.

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Three Coins by Donn Bennett

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